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Body Piercing by Kendra


Meet Kendra 

My name is Kendra Collier.   I am a 20 + year professional body piercer from the San Francisco Bay Area.  My education foundation comes from Fakir Body Modification Classes, Association of Professional Piercers annual classes for years, Pro Piercing Systems, and from working with countless other piercers in numerous shops all over the country. In 2006 I was the only female world wide to be accepted in an Advanced human suspension techniques course held by Allen Falkner, Eric Dakota & Sky Renfro from less than 15 piercers on the planet.
For a female In the industry at that time was a big deal!
As a piercer I love to decorate and make people feel great in their skin! Good vibes & great jewelry is what our bodies were meant for! I will coach you thru the process no matter what you have in mind and will do my best to make your piercing ideas an amazing experience! Check out some of my work & Come see me when you’re ready!!! Let’s decorate!

Kendra  is at our South location and Venice location.


Body Piercing Gallery

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