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Joseph Collins was introduced to the art of tattoos in 1979 , learning all about the tools and procedures from mentor, Diane Chanako, who was an accredited fine artist. She inspired my love for art and armed with an ability to draw, it has now been Forty Three years in the tattoo industry that I have worked as a professional tattooist. I Owned and operated Siesta Key Art Gallery, and was a member of the merchant association I also Owned and Operated American Tattoos in Sarasota FL. I have worked with and under the direction of medical doctors, spoke in Tallahassee when new wording was placed into Department of Professional regulations and received a letter from the State of Florida, Thanking me for my services for Tattooing over Racial intolerant tattoos at medical facility inside Florida correctional Institute. I Started here in Sarasota ,With a great Family , Father of Five and Grandfather of 10. I Designed and invented various tattoo industry tools and equipment. I am always honored and happy to do tattoos, may all your tattoos be happy ones.

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