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Meet Sam

Sam is a tattoo artist with a passion for art that began in childhood when he loved to draw Marvel comics, especially Spiderman. As he grew up, he began to explore more realistic styles and found a deep appreciation for classical art, particularly the works of Michelangelo and Van Gogh. He enjoys working with charcoal and has a particular talent for creating intricate designs using neotraditional, fine line, and stippling techniques.


Sam's interest in tattooing began when he got his first tattoo at age 18, a tribute to his late father. He began spending more time in tattoo shops and became fascinated with the art and technique of tattooing. He attended an academy in Clearwater where he learned not only about tattooing technique but also about the importance of biohazard safety.


Since obtaining his license, Sam has worked in several different tattoo studios, specializing in woodland creatures, nature, and animals as his preferred subject matter. He takes great pride in creating unique and meaningful designs for his clients and is known for his skillful use of color and shading.


Instagram: tattoosby_sam

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