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Meet Monica

Growing up in Sarasota Fl. I’ve always been a part of the art community since I could hold a pencil. I attended Booker High's Visual Performing Arts Majored in Fine Art, graduating in 2009. Attended Ringling College of Art and design for 4 semesters while in middle school. Shortly after I found myself in a tattoo shop. I studied under Anthony Travieso for 1 year for my apprenticeship. Opened my first shop at 21 with my mentor. Then I had my 3rd child and moved to the Sarasota/Bradenton area. I’ve worked in Punta Gorda in a private studio; now I’ve made my final resting place here at Z-edge. Now with a decade under my belt . I’ve started working on my alternative medicine science BA currently at Everglades University, to further my medical background. The current styles of art I enjoy doing are as follows…

Neo traditional, Pointillism, dot-work, florals, micro-tattoos, anime, cartoons, custom work when requested.

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