Service Pricing


Body Piercing Pricing

All of our body piercings are priced by adding the body piercing service fee plus the jewelry fee together. For example: A navel piercing is $40 plus the jewelry. Body Jewelry for a navel starts at $30 for a curved barbell with gems on it.

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Tattoo Pricing

Tattoos start at $60 and go up from there. Our general rate for tattoos starts at $150/hr but may vary between artists depending on the area of the body being tattooed and the tattoo design. We offer free touchups for up to 1 year after the original tattoo was completed on any area of the body EXCEPT: Hands, Feet & Lips. We are always upfront with our clients and Tattoos on the hands, feet & lips are not guaranteed to stay in the skin. You might end up with a tattoo that stays 100% or a Tattoo that stays 50% or 25% or in the case of lips, may fall out completely. The client assumes all responsibility for tattoos on these areas of the body.


Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

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