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Tattoos By Dennis


Meet Dennis

Dennis is a seasoned tattoo artist and has been tattooing for over 13 years in various places across the country. He is a well rounded artist and specializes in various styles of tattooing. Some of his favorites are Floral, Traditional, Dot work, Geometric, Fine line, Black and Grey and Color. Dennis is also an avid painter and has completed numerous paintings and Murals, some of which can be seen at Z-Edge Venice for sale on our walls. Some of his favorite subjects to paint are Landscapes, Portraits, Wildlife and fantasy. Dennis also has a background in jewelry design and production and was an apprentice Goldsmith. Dennis looks 
forward to creating a positive tattoo experience for of his clients. He is forever grateful for the life that tattooing has given him and he hops to see you in Z-Edge Venice real soon.

Indian Painting.jpg

Instagram: dcmtattoo
Facebook: Dennis.Meer.3

Venice Tattoo Artist Portfolio

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