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Boasting the largest jewelry selection in Sarasota, we carry every thing from basic titanium captive bead rings to solid 14k gold navel curves. Need jewelry for your stretched lobes? We got it! We stock plugs, tunnels and hanging jewelry in bone, buffalo horn, different species of wood, implant grade titanium, brass, glass, stones, and more!

Stop by and see what we have in stock for your initial and healed piercings.

Want high quality jewelry but don't live near by? Click one of the links below to view our distributors selections. You can also email with details of what you'd like to order and we can ship high quality jewelry right to your door!


Body jewelry is a popular body modification among people of all ages. It can range from simple earrings to extensive body piercings, tattoos and other body adornments. There are many different types of body jewelry available, ranging from classic gold or silver pieces to colorful gems and stones. Many body jewelry pieces have special meaning or symbolism associated with them, making them even more desirable to those who wear them. When shopping for body jewelry, it's important to consider your piercing options carefully as certain pieces may not be suitable for certain body parts. Additionally, always make sure to purchase body jewelry from a reputable shop that offers quality products and follows proper safety protocols when performing piercings. With the right care and maintenance, body jewelry can last a lifetime and make a bold fashion statement that reflects your unique style.

It is also important for staff to take the time to get to know each customer's individual needs and preferences so that they are able to create an enjoyable experience that meets all expectations. Our experienced staff looks forward to speaking with you and answering all your questions. 

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