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Meet Audra

Audra is one of the founding members of Z-Edge, is a former owner, and has been with the company for all 17 years. She has been Piercing for over 20 years and has worked in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and FL. She has traveled the country appearing at conventions and performing guest spots in places such as Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Texas, Nevada, California, Florida, and more. While traveling Audra has won many awards and has also been featured in many publications including; Savage Magazine, Prick Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, and many others. Audra still loves what she does after over 20 years in the industry and feels she has never worked a day in her life. She genuinely loves the tattoo shop environment and getting to work with her hands and on her feet while meeting people from all over the world. Audra is an educator in the industry and has apprenticed many successful piercers. She is a jewelry expert and loves talking to you about your different options. She especially loves gold, genuine stones and the metaphysical properties of them.

When choosing a Body Piercer that is right for you, you can be assured that Audra will provide a professional, experienced, safe and sterile solution for all your piercing needs.

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