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sarasota tattoo artists
sarasota tattoo artists
  • How old does my baby have to be to get ear piercings?
    Your child must be at least 6 months of age in order to get pierced.
  • What forms do I need to get my child pierced?
    You must have a completed release form and NOTARIZED permission form in order for Z-Edge to pierce a minor child. You can complete the release form and download the notary form here.
  • How much does a child's ear piercing cost?
    A childs earlobe piercing set starts out at $90 for the pair and includes implant grade titanium jewelry
  • Can I bring in my own jewelry?
    No, We do not allow clients to bring in their own jewelry. You must use the body jewelry that we have at the shop. The reason for this is that we can not guarantee the quality of the jewelry that you are bringing in. Just because it says 14k gold on it or marked with “hypoallergenic” does not mean that the jewelry meets our quality standards. The only way for us to control the quality of the jewelry that we insert into fresh piercings is by providing the jewelry that we source from high quality body jewelry manufacturers.
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