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Tattoos By Paige


Meet Paige

Hey there! I'm Paige, a 21-year-old artist with a passion for bringing art to life through tattoos. For years, I've honed my skills as a fine artist, specializing in realism oil paintings. Along the way, I also worked as a makeup artist, which taught me valuable techniques and attention to detail. However, my heart has always been drawn to the world of tattoos, so I pursued an apprenticeship to make my mark in this industry. Now as a full time tattoo artist I find joy in tattooing various styles, from eerie black and grey to enchanting witchy and horror designs, as well as traditional, fine-line, intricate pointillism pieces, anime, etching style, etc. Beyond my artistic talents, I pride myself on being personable, kind, and a true perfectionist, ensuring that every tattoo I create is an exceptional work of art, etched with care and precision. Let's bring your tattoo ideas to life together! 🖤


Sarasota Tattoo Artist Portfolio

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