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Tattoo shops Sarasota- We are a cumulative of diversified and also well took a trip artists bringing the greatest standard of quality that can be supplied. Z-Edge is able to offer SARASOTA'S ONLY HONOR WINNING BODY PIERCERS as well as worldwide released tattoo artists. We offer virtuosity and also sterility that has gone above and also beyond what is required by legislation.

We have the LARGEST CHOICE OF BODY JEWELRY in Sarasota and also offer a selection of IMPLANT GRADE TITANIUM and also GOLD body jewelry for first piercings, in addition to a very large selection of all sorts of precious jewelry handy always at both of our areas.

All our artists are current in Blood Borne Pathogens Standards as well as several other sector accreditations which are not needed by Florida law. We are continuously proceeding education and learning in the most sophisticated and also brand-new treatments provided in our industry.

See to it your tattoos and piercings are carried out by a person that takes them as major as you do from artistic standards to sanitation ... we expect seeing you at Z-Edge!

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