Tattoos By Maria

Maria has been tattooing for over 10+ years. She was originally trained in New York & moved to Florida in 2014. She has tattooed at a number of conventions & been a guest artists at various locations on the east coast & Canada. She is the winner of numerous tattooing awards for her unique style of tattooing. Her artwork has been featured in numerous tattooing magazines and she is also a tattoo model for the tattooing industry.

Maria has a lot of experience tattooing but her favorite styles to create are:

New School, Anime, Asian designs, fantasy, pop-art, comics, Disney and whimsical / watercolors inspired art.


Maria's Favorite challenges in the industry are cover-up's or re-working tattoos. She enjoys taking something that is ugly or unwanted and turning it into something beautiful, loved and worth showing off. This is what makes this job exciting for Maria!


Outside of work Maria is a social media personality  & celebrity in a number of podcasts, streams, blogs and much much more!