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Meet Ha'ena

Haena is an exceptional tattoo artist with a rich artistic journey spanning over 14 years so far. 

His passion originated by watching his uncle carve towering 50-foot tall tikis; witnessing the designs come to life before his eyes left an indelible mark on Haena's artistic soul. 

In the rich tapestry of Polynesian cultures, tattoos hold profound significance. They serve as a medium through which the bearer's story is woven into intricate patterns and symbols. Haena draws inspiration from this ancient tradition, embracing the belief that tattoos possess the extraordinary ability to convey narratives without uttering a single word.

Haena's approach to tattooing is rooted in active listening and understanding. By attentively listening to the client's story and vision, Haena translates their narrative into a design that authentically represents their individuality and personal journey.

Haena specializes in black and grey tattoos, as well as those with bold colors, but his talents extend to transformative cover-ups, as well as celebrity portraiture.


Sarasota Tattoo Gallery

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